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PNC News First 07/22/16 Broadcast: CNMI commemorates one  year after Typhoon Soudelor (@ 10 mins. 20 secs.)

PNC News First 07/22/16 Broadcast: Education community raises concerns over COE's renewal process (@ 7 mins. 45 secs.)
Link: http://livestream.com/pncnews/pncnews/videos/130551763

PNC News First 07/18/16 Broadcast: CNMI Commissioner of Education is up for renewal (@ 2 mins. 13 secs.)

PNC News First 07/12/16 Broadcast: Educators Discuss How Global Trends Affect Cultural Heritage (@ 17 mins. 47 secs.)

PNC News First 06/28/16 Broadcast: Governor Ralph Torres Proclaims 'Pride Week' For the First Time in CNMI History

PNC News First 06/23/16 Broadcast: 11-year-old makes history for the CNMI at Nat'l speech tilt (@ 17 mins. 11 secs.)

PNC News First 05/30/16 Broadcast: New Worker Rules Sends Shockwaves Through CNMI

PNC News First 05/29/16 Broadcast:  "Green Room" promotes cultural entrepreneurship

PNC News First 05/03/16 Broadcast: Tourists Driving Rental Cars a Growing Concern on Saipan (@ 18 mins. 06 secs.)

PNC News First 05/29/16 Broadcast:  "Green Room" promotes cultural entrepreneurship

PNC News First 04/27/16 Broadcast: More Animal Protection if Bill Passes

 PNC News First 04/13/16 Broadcast: Electronic theft in First Hawaiian Bank accounts due to card skimming (@15 mins. 34 secs.) 

PNC News First 03/25/16 Broadcast: Saipan Faithful Hike to Mt. Tapochau on Good Friday (@20 mins. 57 secs.) 

PNC News First 03/23/16 Broadcast: Sole Animal Shelter in CNMI set to close (@15 mins. 33 secs.) 

PNC News First 03/10/16 Broadcast: 591 families with unmet needs after Typhoon Soudelor (@12 mins. 10 secs.) 

PNC News First 03/01/16 Broadcast: Illegal dumping sites a growing concern (@8 mins. 0 secs.) 

PNC News First 02/23/16 Broadcast: Rota, SSHS dominate CNMI-PSS Drill Meet (@20 mins. 50 secs.)

PNC News First 02/16/16 Broadcast: NMI Mock Trial Competitors Head to National Meet (@18 mins. 55 secs.)

PNC News First 8/31/15 Broadcast: Farmers Recuperate from Super Typhoon (@ 14 mins.  48 secs.)
PNC's News First 8/17/15 Broadcast: Typhoon Soudelor Recovery Efforts (@ 15 mins. 49 secs.)
PNC News First 8/25/15 Broadcast: Typhoon Soudelor affects CNMI Public School System Operations (@ 4 mins. 22 secs.)

PNC News First 8/21/15 Broadcast: Salvation Army Feeds Thousands of Typhoon Soudelor SurvivorsPNC's News First 8/19/15 Broadcast: Commonwealth Health Center  back on the grid, fully operational days after Typhoon Soudelor made landfall (@ 2 mins. 33 secs.) Link: http://livestream.com/pncnews/pncnews/videos/96673672

PNC News First 02/16/16 Broadcast: NMI Mock Trial Competitors Head to National Meet (@18 mins. 55 secs.)

PNC News First 02/03/16 Broadcast: Business Community on Saipan Expresses Concern Over an Inadequate Local Labor Force

PNC News First 01/25/16 Broadcast: Island remembers fallen local hero (@13 mins. 55 secs.)

PNC News First 01/12/16 Broadcast: CNMI Gov. laid to rest (@10 mins. 50 secs.)

PNC News First 01/08/16 Broadcast: As Funeral Approaches, CNMI Mourns Saipan Governor's Death

PNC News First 12/29/15 Broadcast: Breaking News: Gov. Eloy Inos Dies

PNC News First 12/28/15 Broadcast: GCC students use marine robotics to promote environmental sustainability (@ 9 mins. 15 secs.)

PNC News First 12/22/15 Broadcast: Thomas's Special Appearance at the Anchor Desk (@ 29 mins. 10 secs.)

PNC News First 12/22/15 Broadcast: Saipan Hyatt Christmas Lights Spark Holiday Spirit (@ 8 mins.)

PNC News First 12/21/15 Broadcast: Family Remembers Murder Victim Joanna Vitug During Her Anniversary (@ 2 mins. 50 secs.)

PNC News First 11/23/15 Broadcast: Salvation army hosts Volunteer Appreciation Dinner 

PNC News First 11/11/15 Broadcast: CNMI reflects on Veterans Day (@ 18 mins.  55 secs.)

PNC News First 10/15/15 Broadcast: AMP, PHP hold inaugural "Peace Day" in remembrance of Hiroshima bombing (@  18 mins.  13 secs.)

PNC News First 10/01/15 Broadcast: Bishop Emeritus Camacho's First TV interview since resigning (@ 12 mins. 20 secs.)

PNC News First 9/25/15 Broadcast: IT&E donates 50k to schools, organizations (@ 16 mins. 08 secs.)

PNC News First 9/14/15 Broadcast:CCP Provides Emotional Support for Typhoon Victims (@ 11 mins. 34 secs.)

PNC News First 9/07/15 Broadcast: Mobile Clinic Provides Aid to Isolated Islanders (@ 12 mins. 52 secs.)