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Here are a few examples of my editing and videography outside of traditional TV news reporting. 

Video Project with UC Berkeley's Equity and Inclusion Office

We have a higher education model that was built on the needs of 18th-century aristocrats that got adjusted somewhat in the 19th century when the Land Grant system was created. But it was still for a very elite set of people with a very narrow definition of what education needed to be. Now UC Berkeley is expanding that definition and creating a very different kind of university for the 21st century. While it’s essential to build broad support for inclusivity and equity, inclusion might not be enough because inclusion suggests that you’re joining someone else’s thing; someone is including you. Whereas belonging indicates that the thing you’re a part of you has a hand in co-creating. Removing the Barriers to Belonging looks at the importance of creating a campus together where everyone belongs, and the leadership, research, and programs that the Division of Equity & Inclusion and their partners are providing.

Video Collaboration with UC Berkeley's Cal Performances 

SAFTA Spotlights: In our next segment with Cal Performances and SAFTA, we imagine the thrill of video gaming mixed with the collective energy of a rock concert and the emotional power of a symphony orchestra, and you have an idea of the adrenaline rush that is Video Games Live! Catch it on November 17, 2019, 7pm at Zellerbach Hall. For more info visit

Video Feature on International Poet 

Terisa Siagatonu is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning poet. In this video, we go behind the scenes of her process before performing for hundreds at the SF-Bay Area's Women's March. 





Native Hawaiians and Native Americans gathered on UC Berkeley’s campus to protest the construction of a Thirty Meter Telescope atop Mauna Kea in the Hawaiian Islands. 

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